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Development of tabletop games

Updated: May 15, 2022

I remember being 7, my mom and the neighbor were best friends and I would catch glimpses of this cool 3D dungeon with figures in it and I remember thinking I want to play whatever that is.

my mom never let me watch or join but the memory is the first thing from D&D I remember.

The older generation had a bad taste in their mouths about D&D so it wasn’t really openly discussed 30 years ago. When I tell my grandmother that I’m going to the game store to play D&D you can tell in the back of her head she remembers the bad reputation. of course she is grandma so she always says “that sounds fun” but I know!

fast forward 30 years and we have major movie stars openly playing tabletop games, we have unbelievably good tv series based off of D&D, and even videos of groups playing. I can go to Target and get a 5th edition PHB and grab some dice. The world of tabletop games has developed so much since that day I caught the sneak peak at my moms D&D game.

Move forward friend’s and keep pushing the bounds of social acceptance. Be your awesome selves.


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